High-frequency crypto arbitrage and market-making software services

Trading software for your crypto fund portfolio

How it works

CRYPDE - is an automated crypto-trading platform. We implement two high-frequency strategies: arbitrage between crypto-exchanges and neutral market making inside one instrument.

HFT crypto arbitrage

We have ultra-fast trading platform with over 100+ connectors to most popular crypto-exchanges (CEX, DEX, deveratives) with more than 200 crypto coins and fiat currencies.
We see all price deviations between all exchanges and most of all currencies.
Our routing system can find and execute over 200M chains per second. One chain looks like USDT > BTC (binance); BTC > ETH (okex); ETH > USDT (huobi).
Arbitrage is one of neutral strategies with low drawdown risks.
Typical arbitrage performance near +3..+8% per month for capital up to 10M.
Read our articles and blogs to understand how our arbitrage works.

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HFT crypto market-maker

Market maker algorithm operates inside limit orderbook: we stay on buy and sell limit levels and provide liquidity into instruments and need to manage position to neutral very fast.
Market-maker most of all time is also neutral strategy but with little bit higher drawdown risks (up to 20% drawdown in moments).
Typical market maker performance near -10%..+10% per month for capital up to 200M.
Read our articles and blogs to understand how our mm works.

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How to connect

How to connect to crypto-arbitrage and market making:

  1. 1. Sign up on our website
  2. 2. Provide your KYC or KYB documents (who you are) and sign electronic contract
  3. 3. Connect accounts to our platform via trading API
  4. 4. Choose algorithmic strategies to your accounts and start trading
  5. 5. Once per month (or once per quarter) we will send invoice for our software services calculated on success fee.

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Setup fee
Fixed fee
Success fee
to discuss
Min capital
$100 000

Investor can connect his own accounts to CRYPDE automated platform and rent our trading software by SaaS model with floating payment rent calculated on success fee.

Minimal capital on investor's accounts must be near ~$100k.

We do not get investor's money on our accounts. We do not charge any fixed/management fees.


You can see main performance charts directly from our trading platform:

Arbitrage average investor's performance per day (in percents)